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This free video “Becoming A Valiant Man” is a great place to start on your Valiant Man journey . . .



For both men and women sex is one of the most potent dynamics at work in life, yet for men, managing sexuality well is an even more profound challenge than it is for women.

If you have already read the book From Good Man to Valiant Man you will understand why that is so.  If you have already seen the introductory DVD, Becoming a Valiant Man (Now included free at the top of this page), you will understand why that is so.

If you’ve never seen the introductory DVD and you’d like to find out why sex is more problematic for men than it is for women just scroll to the top of the page and hit play.


What do I get if I take the Valiant Man journey?


The LifekeysOnline version of Valiant Man will provide you with 10 sessions (20 videos) designed to help you restore and fortify your moral and spiritual integrity in a highly sexualized and eroticized world.  It will help you be a better man and explain things every man needs to understand about his sexuality. You’ll also receive the downloadable PDF manual and Daily Journal to help you with your journey.

It will give you a vision of manhood that will change your life.  It will help take you from being a Good Man to a Valiant Man – the kind of man who stands strong under pressure – the kind of man women and children can be proud of.

If you’re struggling to manage your sexuality well, this series will show you how life can be better.  If you’re not struggling I’ll show you what it takes to keep it that way.

Over 10 sessions (20 videos)  I will take you on a journey covering the following key issues:


  • A Vision for Manhood – the four faces of manhood.
  • The Arena of Healing – what it takes for life to change.
  • The Sexual Man – the biology of manhood.
  • The Origin, Power and Purpose of Sex – vital insights.
  • The Cycle of Addiction – how it happens and why.
  • The Understanding Man – caring for the woman in your life.
  • Retraining your Brain – learning to manage brain tracks.
  • Taking a Stand – putting some pegs in the ground.
  • Guarding Your Heart – 8 attitudes for Valiant Manhood
  • Realistic Expectations – how to handle the future.

Each session will provide you with approximately 30 minutes of video teaching supported by the course manual.  The course will provide you with 55 days of daily reflections to assist you to understand and apply what you hear and read.  I’ll explain it all in detail as you get started with the video teaching.  I won’t let you get lost.


When you purchase the Valiant Man Online Program you will have:


  • 60 days of access to the online video material
  • a downloadable version of the Valiant Man manual
  • and a downloadable and printable version of the Daily Journal
  • BONUS 10 days access to the online videos (To allow time for the printed manual to arrive if ordered)

Should you wish to purchase a hard copy of the Valiant Man Manual (which will be posted to you) you will have 70 days access to the video teaching (to allow time for your manual to be delivered to you) as well as access to the electronic version of the manual and the downloadable and printable version of the Daily Journal.

Take the Valiant Man journey – it could save your life, your marriage and your soul.

So make your decision, and let’s get started.  Let’s do the Valiant Man journey together.

Dr Allan Meyer

Valiant Man Program – $49.95 for 70 days access


  • 70 days online access to video program
  • Downloadable PDF of the Valiant Man Program Manual
  • Downloadable and printable version of the 55 day Daily Journal
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Valiant Man Manual – $22.00 plus delivery (calculated in shopping cart)


  • 136 page printed manual sent via Express Post
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